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Hi Everyone:

Sheree is on Cameo !!

For a personalized video shout-out to you or to someone special in your life Clearly include your name.

If it's a gift and you want to specifically get mentioned: who it’s from, who it’s for, for which special occasion: Birthday, Christmas...

Check her out on Cameo. - Click Here - for more info.

Sandalphon was founded on the belief that great stories not only entertain but also empower and inspire positive change. Primitive cave drawings, dating back to the dawn of mankind, show that we have always been storytellers. In the words of philosopher Albert Camus, “Were it not for the storyteller, civilization would destroy itself.” This is even truer today.

Sandalphon, as an emerging leader among independent producers, will give audiences what they crave: stories that resonate deeply, speak to our collective humanity, illuminate the darkness, and give us a roadmap on how to live our lives.The name Sandalphon captures the essence of our mission and conveys our message of unity, compassion, and the beauty of diversity.


Up Next!

Sheree and Clarence reunited for new dates of the award winning play DRIVING MISS DAISY - Click Here for more info.

Great news for WALKER, TEXAS RANGER fans! You can now watch all eight seasons on getTV. Click Here to find out the complete schedule and how you can watch GetTV in your local areas.



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