Sheree is a very active lady.  She has many interests and hobbies, but the two that are most important to her and the ones that give her the most pleasure involve her family and her favorite charities.  Sheree takes enormous pride in the work she performs on behalf of these and other charitable organizations for children.  She urges everyone to donate time, materials or funds to your own favorite charities. encourages you to learn more about the below charities by visiting their websites. Please feel free to use the product links throughout the website and join Sheree in her support of these charities.


Sheree credits her early career choices and success to the good advice of Vicki Light, at that time a theatrical agent, and ever since her friend. Since Vicki had expressed confidence in her as a model, Sheree felt secure to confide that she really always wanted to act. Vicki recommended Sheree to go to New York, do the modeling thing, and use her money to take acting classes. "Modeling was a great stepping stone for me," Sheree says. "It taught me about cameras, lighting, perserverance and the art of patience." Vicki then helped steer her to Hollywood.

Vicki had to close down her theatrical agency a few years ago because of the progression of her multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, often disabling disease of the central nervous system. Symptoms may be mild such as numbness in the limbs or severe -- paralysis or loss of vision. "I would lovee it if Vicki were still my agent," says Sheree. "And I would love it if she could function in the capacity that she used to; but she's not able to, because of the MS."

For more information about Multiple Scherosis visit The National Multiple Sclerosis Society website.


"One most never give up hope!" These were the words of Heinz Kinigadner when he was faced with his son's "paraplegia" diagnosis, after Hannes was involved in a crash during a charity motorcross race. Hannes Kinigadner had his accident in 2003, at the age of 19, and his been tetraplegic ever since. His fate is representative of approximately 3 million people worldwide who are paralyzed due to an injury to their spinal cord. Deeply moved by the fate of his son, the two-time Motorcross World Champion founded the Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation in July 2004, together with his friend, Red Bull Founder Dietrich Mateschitz.

Inspired by existing successes in research, the ambitious aim of Wings of Life was defined at below:

"Spinal cord injury must become curable. In order to realize this vision, Wings for Life supports and finances the most promising research projects worldwide aimed at healing the injured spinal cord. An international scientific advisory board, consisting of the world's most renowned scientists and medical doctors from the relevant areas, helps Wings for Life to select the most promising research projects. The world's leading scientists agree that paraplegia, caused by a traumatic spinal cord injury, will be curable one day. For a major breakthrough in science to be achieved, a lot of research needs to be done. With focus, diligence and the absolute will to reach the aim, our foundation moves step by step towards our goal."

For more information visit the Wings of Life website.

Wings for Life

White Bridle's mission is to serve our community through equine programs that enable people to live happier, more productive and rewarding lives.

For more information visit the White Bridle website.


In the early 1990's research began of Native American History surrounding the Tri-state area. Learing that the Trail of Tears removal had used a route passing along present day Highway 72 conversation began with Bill Cason of Whitewell, Tennessse about what could be done to bring public awareness to this event. It was felt that this route should be officially recognized and marked. Conversation after conservation took place. One day BIll Cason, a Harley-rider, suggested that the best way he knew to get people's attention was to have a bike ride. Thus began plans for the 1st Annual Trail of Tears Remembrance Motorcycle Ride. On October 8, 1994, eight motorcycles began the ride at Ross' Landing. By ride's end the number had increased to aproximately 100. By 2001, the 8th Annual Trail of Tears Remembrance Motorcycle Ride began with 40,000 motorcylces and ended with a reported 90,000 motorcycles pulling into the ride's end - making this event the largest organized motorcycle ride in history.

Click Here for more information on the Trail of Tears Rememberance Ride Official Documentary DVD, and purchase your copy autographed by Sheree!

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