Our Slate

Sandalphon Entertainment prides itself on its diverse portfolio of IP. Our slate’s been curated to offer investors: prestigious awards’ season opportunities, the ever-profitable action and thriller genres, as well as a selection of cross-over, faith-based films with the potential for breakout ROIs. Our television portfolio offers socially-conscious and family-friendly content.

The Thruthsayers

When an obsessive attorney discovers the headmaster of a powerful prep school has been committing a heinous crime for decades, she must decide whether to stay silent and protect her family or risk everything and save lives.

I, John

Inspired by John 21:22

When renowned surgeon, Dr. Tom Braverman, loses hope after a terrible, personal tragedy, his faith is renewed by a mysterious drifter whose life Tom saves in the E.R. Within hours of the surgery, miraculous events begin to unfold at the hospital, forcing Tom to consider may be one of the Twelve Apostles.

Dante's Obsession

When a guilt-ridden American Lietenant and a beautiful yet deadly Vietcong guerilla fall in love outside of a war zone, they must choose love or duty as they face off in the deadly maze of tunnels surrounding Saigon at the height of the Vietnam War.


Having survived a childhood rifed with abuse and mental illness, impulsive artist Christine Rosamond kidnaps her baby sitter looking to create a peaceful life for them both. However, as she rockets to fame, becoming the world's most published painter, Christine discovers she's unablet to leave the madness behind.